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Benefits of our Facility

This shows our entrance to the stables through an automatic gate opener that has a keypad and a coded number that only our boarders and allowed entities have access to.

The exiting of the facilities is easy because we installed a sensor that senses magnetically an approaching vehicle and opens the gate for you.

There is available coded to our gate remote controls like you would have for your garage doors that we make available for a deposit of what the remote costs us which is $25 and will let you remotely open and close the gate from inside your car.

Horse trailer storage is available.  We cover our round bales at no charge.

Rocking B Stables- Austin, TX- Facilities

We take in all kinds of boarders with no alignment to any certain type of riding. We have Western riders, English riders and pleasure riders. Everybody is welcome at Rocking B Stables.

Rocking B Stables- Austin, TX- Facilities

We built this vet stock to the specification and recommendation of a local vet and it is for our boarders usage. It is safe and secure for confining horses during certain Vet visits.

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